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Commission Info

Tue Aug 23, 2011, 11:40 AM

For everyone who would like a commission by me, here is my info.
The earnings will all be used to pay my school.

Thanks in advance! :peace:

:bulletred: Prices:

Digital sketch - $10 (800 Points)

Line Art - $10 (800 Points)

Basic digital painting - Little details and simpeler lines-  $15 (1200 Points)

Medium digital painting - Medium details, more refined lines  - $20 (1600 Points)

Hi Res Digital painting - Full detailed piece with detailed lines - $30 (2400 Points)

Face portrait painting B/W - Detailed painting in black/white - $20 (1600 Points)

Face portrait painting Color - Detailed painting in color - $25 (2000 Points)

Emoticon - $? (/ ?) Points (Prize depends on difficultyand if it should be animated)

Avatar(s) - $? (/ ? Points) (Prize depends on the difficulty, so it's discussable)

3D work - $? (/ ? Points) (Prize depends on the difficulty, so it's discussable)

Any other prizes for things like logo design, graphic design etc. are
discussable so if you have a question about that just leave me a note or mail.

:bulletred: Info

• I won't make any commission that involves racism, porn etc.
Mild explicit content is allowed, but it has it's limits.

• Every commision i make is only meant for you! This means you can't use it for printing except for yourself. it's not allowed to publish or claim the work for yourself in any way what so ever.

• These prices are for personal projects only. If you want me to design anything for something commercial you can mail me at

:bulletred: How to order a commision

• Note me with a note called 'Commision' In there, describe as detailed as possible what you want. If you have reference of what it should look like aproximatly, or just details of things, put the links in the note too.

• You can also mail me instead, or talk to me on msn. My contact info is available on the bottom of the page.

• If you have a certain deadline for the image let me know! Then i can make sure it gets on time, if it is a possible deadline. Because i still have other work and stuff i can't be totally specific with tight deadline so keep a margin of atleast a few days if you have a deadline.

:bulletred: Payment

I prefer to get payed by paypal, but points are accepted too.

After we have an agreement about what has to be made, i would like to recieve my money/points. After i recieved the money/points i will start the commission.  
I will only work in this order.

During the proces there can be held contact by note, mail
or msn to see if it's turning out the way you want etc.

I don't have a money-back guarantee. I do my best on every image
and it takes a lot of time to make them so i just can't do that.

Just so you know, $1 = 80 points

:bulletred: Contact

If you want to contact me in any way:



Or just note me on Deviantart.

I'll respond as quickly as possible!

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask.


  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Some design books
  • Watching: The monitor
  • Playing: Guitar
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Tea
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August 23, 2011
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